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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another puzzler....

Well, I just tried to enter a post for today and this blog told me I was out of room!! Guess I am using 1 GB and that is all they will provide for "free".  Will have to noodle this dilema a bit and see what the next step is.
Right now I wonder if I should wait and begin a new blog on January 1, 2013.  I will let you know...when I know.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Finished Felt

I finished that little candle mat I started quite a while ago.  I ended up sewing a tiny seed bead on each of the points to hold the black felt to the gold felt.
Feels good to complete something albeit small...thought about doing these for church craft sale but they take so much time and I don't think they would sell for that much.  I do think it turned out cute though.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Vacation Day

Took today as a vacation day.  I spent most of the day sewing...perfect.  I am working on the second camping quilt.  Made out of the same homespuns that the first quilt is made out of, this will be a bit smaller and will be used as a nap quilt.  I finished 2 and a half blocks today!  They are sewn onto the paper pattern.  Pete kept me company.
Also started the sewing on a little, tiny quilt that has retro fabrics in it.  The little block in the forground is 2 inches square.  This mini quilt will have yo-yo's on it as well as some hand embroidery.
What a wonderful fall vacation day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time Flies/Stands still

Life without Mom.

We did go camping one last time for the year in September.  It was perfect.
My happy camper.
Finished the wool felt table centerpiece.
Close up of one section.
Also started and completed a little embroidery project...don't have a finished photo yet.
Got together with my craft group-only 3 of us made it.
And the faithful friend remains...



Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camping & Crafting!

Had a wonderful 3 day weekend camping in southern Minnesota.  Great weather, perfect company, excellent lodging and tons of activities! Our little home away from home....
Also saw a bunch of these little floating houses/cabins/cottages-wouldn't these be fun to have as a retreat???

Had some time to read and complete that wool project I have been working on forever!
Actually I have to put a backing of some kind on it and then it will be done after a good pressing.  But here it is!
Also started another project out of felt- supposed to be out of wool felt but I have tons of the regular felt so this little candle mat will be out of regular felt.  I cut these pieces and did the initial hand sewing on them this weekend.
Well, that's the update from a great weekend!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Surprised It's Been So Long

Time does pass quickly...I have been working on many things.  Counted cross stitch at work, wool felt table centerpiece, made curtains for the deck, already had to repair them in less than a week and who knows what else...

Today was a fun day inspired and planned by Michael. The day started with a wonderful rain with a bit of thunder and lightening.  Then breakfast at Perkins.  Drove north to St Cloud and went to Grubers Quilt store, more north to Alexandria and went to the Ben Franklin Crafts and Debbies Quilts and then had lunch at Lake Carlos State Park.  Made a second stop at Ben Frankin too....

I have a photo of my purchases today!
At Grubers I found some Minnesota fabric to back the 2nd camping quilt I am working on, a piece of fabric for a pillowcase and a bar of Minnesota soap that says "Hand Crafted by Ludefisk-Loving Hands in Glenville MN, there is even a state of Minnesota shape in the middle of the soap!  On to Ben Franklin Crafts where I found some different colors of felt, a piece of onion fabric and 3 pieces of fabric for pillowcases.  At store shared by the Debbies Quilts there was this little handmade all wool doll.  It had been $12.00 marked to $6.00 and I got it for $3.00 (for a little neighbor girl).  On our way back through Alexandria we stopped again at the Ben Franklin and I found the striped fabric that I will make into awnings for our trailer windows and the bag of lovely green buttons that was too good a price to pass up!  Fun shopping!

I also finished a small friendship book that has been mailed to a dear friend.  Here is the cover.
I had so much fun figuring out to to make this book and using only things that I had from home.  The key on the front is from the suitcases I was given for my 18th birthday and the cording hanging down from the flower is candle wick that I had from when I was making sand candles in the 70's.  Fun to use some of the treasures that have been saved.  I will show you the rest of the book next time.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I do somehow manage to get some creative time in every several days but finished projects are few and far between...I am working on a counted cross stitch sampler at work during my lunch break.  That wool table scarfI have been working on  has had some leaves and stiches added, went to Archivers this week with my craft group and started a chipboard book for a friend.  No photos of any of those things!  Oh, I also have a curtain partially sewn for our deck.
Today we took a drive to Hibbing to celebrate our sons birthday and on the way I did make some yo yo's and have a photo!

And a couple really cute photos of that furry friend...